Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Well, I'm struggling with an issue that just shouldn't be an issue. I've fought it before but I'm beginning to see it in a different way this time.

Does that even make sense?

Well I say it shouldn't be but it's in the Bible so I'm wrong on that one. I'll try and explain if I can. Read the story in Luke 15:11-32. It's the parable of the lost son. I'll just post the link here for ease of access even though most of us have heard it before and are familiar with it.

In the story the son demands his inheritance before it was due to him. The father not only gave him his part of the inheritance but his brother's portion to him as well. The younger son took all he had and went to a strange far off land and wasted his inheritance. The land that he ran to had a huge famine that ravaged the land. He became as one of the citizens of that town and the man he was traveling with sent him to feed the swine in his field. He ended up eating the husks from the corn that he was feeding the pigs. As this happened he came to his senses realizing his father's house had more than enough to eat ,and even if his father would give him the lowest job possible he had to return and ask for forgiveness.

(I have to go off from the story for a bit and ask a question. Have you been there? That place where your face deep in corn husks and pig dung and you come to your senses remembering all that your Father has and how well you had it when you listened to Him? Man I have been there! )

The story ends happy with the father watching for him and running and embracing him when he returned home. He gave his son the best clothes and jewelry to wear and had a party celebrating his return. They killed the fattest calf and had a grand time. This was a huge deal. I want to talk about the other brother though. The older brother, who like his younger brother, got his inheritance early as well. He kept his and used it wisely and didn't go into some land and blow it all on filthy living. As a matter of fact when this big celebration was happening he came in from the fields he had been WORKING and wanted to know what all the fuss was about. Once he found out he was angry. I mean, here this man is who has saved his money wisely and not blew it all away on junk or empty living, and he's been working hard this whole time out in the fields and continuing life as normal while little brother has been having an all out PARTY and road trip. Are you kidding me? If I was big brother I would go slick off the handle!!!

So he goes to his father.

He tells his father that he has been ever faithful to him and worked for him many years and never sinned against him, but yet his dad never killed a fatted calf for him and his friends! His Dad's response is shocking to me. He says, "Son you're always with me and all that I have is yours. It was only fitting that we have this celebration because your brother was dead, but now is alive. He was lost and now he is found." The Bible doesn't record the older brother's response to that. I think I know why now.

He got it.

He figured it out. There was nothing else to be said. Don't you think that younger brother had to pay for his living wildly and blowing his inheritance? Don't you think at some point and time he had to face the music and reap what he had sown?

Man I have had to, but this week I've been the older brother asking my father "why?" I can't get my mind around this subject this week. I've fought this before and I'm tired of it.

But guys I got my answer.....

I got it.

I figured it out. There's nothing else left to be said. I went to my Father and He told me I was His and all that He had was mine. Yeah there may have been a celebration on the other brother's returning, but parties don't last forever. You gotta face the music sometime. My bitterness has to leave and I have to soak in the Truth of God's Word. Knowing I am His and that all He has is mine. I'm getting blessed with innumerable blessings that "my other brother" bypassed for riotous living and wasting an inheritance. God help me to see it. I am overwhelmed at how God works. I'm 12 years younger than my husband. God chose me, a mother of 2, to raise a family of 4.  It's mind boggling that it even works!

But it does.

I have learned on more than one occasion that My Heavenly Father knows far better than I. And I don't have to understand it all or His reasons for it all. All I have to do is trust.

  • Trust that God has my best interest at heart.
  • Trust that I was His all along and all that He has is mine.
  • Trust that He knows best.
  • Trust that vengeance is NOT my job!
  • Trust Him in all that I do.

Tonight I have great peace and rest just trusting Him. Thank you Lord for all that you've blessed me with. Take all bitterness away and fill me with peace. Remind me Lord that I've been in the husks and dung myself before returning to You. In Jesus' Name...........Amen!

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  1. Jennifer! Aren't the "light bulb" moments from God even SO much better than the regular ones? When you really GET IT, get the lesson that HE's trying to teach you? I love that! Sometimes it stings a bit and can be a bitter pill to swallow but it's like well, at least it's an explanation, an understanding of sorts that we can see the reasoning behind. It's not like the "because I said so" that we grow accustomed to as children. HE WANTS us to understand HIM and his ways. I have always felt the same way about that story, the same as the story about the man who paid the last worker to come in at the end of the day the same wage as he paid the one who'd been workin' all day. It just didn't seem fair but, like you said "God has HIS reasons" and we're not always going to understand them WHEN we're actually in the situation but if we WILL trust in HIM and know that HE knows what HE's doing and ask HIM to help us to understand, HE is faithful to do that. If we really want to know it's just like the BIBLE says "Ask, seek and knock and it will be revealed to you." HE's not hiding anything from us but HE wants us to care enough to ask HIM, to seek HIS wisdom and guidance and when we do that, HE can open up our understanding to receive the lesson. Something else you need to remember, you got all the parenting work that the kid's Mom didn't but you also get all the love, thanks, adoration and to enjoy those special times that every parent should treasure with their kids that she's missing and going to miss simply because she made other things a priority over them ya know? God is rewarding you through those times as well, not to mention what HE's given you in return. Think about the fact that if she hadn't walked away, you wouldn't have Jeff and the great husband and father that you wanted so much for you and the boys. You wouldn't have the blessing of another son and daughter's love and the memories that you guys are making together. You and Jeff, as well as those kids will have those to hold on to for the rest of your lives and do you ever stop and realize what a difference you're not only making in the lives of all those kids but yours and Jeff's grandkids and their kids because Proverbs tells us that if you "train up a child in the way they should go, when they're old they won't depart from it." They may stray, as we ALL have and do but they will not forget and the Lord will hang on to them, as the BIBLE also says "God is married to the backslider." We have to hang on to that promise that HE is in control, even when the human eye doesn't see it that way. We tend to focus on circumstances, rather than on HIM. If we will just bring the kids up the way HE's told us to, in the long run, it will have an affect in the lives of the people they encounter as well over their lifetime. It's a trickle down affect. I still believe to this day, NO ONE gets saved that someone wasn't prayin' for them. I know my grandmother and my Mom always prayed for me, as well as the little old ladies that used to babysit me and my brothers when we were little. Keep prayin' and keep believin' that HE IS who HE says HE is and HE will do what HE says HE will do. That's all we need. We have that promise to stand on. I'm SO proud of the example you have chosen to be through the life you live in front of your family, as well as the rest of us. It's inspiring to me because you don't see a lot of the younger generation with that mindset these days and we will see the result of that in the upcoming generations. It scares me somewhat but I trust that HE is still on the thrown and HE will handle it. We just have to keep doing what HIS word tells us to and have faith. Thanks for your postings. I hope it reaches many cause it's a good thing. The testimony inspires me, as I'm sure it does everyone who reads it. Love you! :0)



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