Tuesday, June 28, 2011

God's Love Vs. Human Love via Max on Life

I recently read Max Lucado's new book "Max on Life" in which He covers a multitude of questions on all different aspects and points of life.  There was one question that stood out in particular to me ,and I can't explain it any better than he did, so I just thought I'd post it here.  It's the differences in human love and God's love.  While I'm not going to type it word for word I am using his text from the book and anything that's from me will not be in Italics.

Human Love= Convenient
God's Love= Eternal
(Think about it.  It's easy to love someone when they're pleasing you and fitting into your schedule and needs. You are always on God's itinerary.  Come and go as you please but He is always there!)

Human Love= Limited
God's Love= Unlimited
(Human love can only love as much as it wants to give.  God has ample amounts of love and even uses words like abundant when talking about pouring His love out on people)

Human Love= Emotional
God's Love= Committed
(If there's one thing I know as a woman it's emotional! I don't always feel very loving do you all?  My feelings sometimes dominate my level of "loving". Hormones, sleeplessness, worry, past hurts, Mexican food--all complicate these emotions.  While God has feelings for us, His feelings do not dictate His love for us.  Your actions don't increase or decrease His commitment.  Thank GOD!!)

Human Love= Selfish
God's Love= Unselfish
(Human love basically says you must meet my needs, and to be loved you have to love me.  God is totally the opposite.  In fact, if you never loved God at all He will still love you.  Your love has no bearing on the love He lavishes on you.)

Our goal as Christians should be to express God's love in our human relationships.  We should all have someone in our lives on whom we can look back and say, " I saw God's love in that person."

There are people in my life I can say that about.  I want to be that person in other people's lives.  Radically loving, even if I don't feel like it.  Even on the most "hormonal" of days.  Lord help me to love even if it hurts a little!

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