Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Billy Graham in Quotes

  • You will never understand who you are until you understand who God is.
  • Each generation becomes more addicted to the sedatives of life, to dull the pain of living.
  • I believe America has gone down a long way down the wrong road.  If we ever needed God's help it's now.
  • Nations rise, they flourish for a time, and then they decline.  Eventually every empire comes to an end; not even the greatest can last forever.
  • The great flaw in the American economic system has finally been revealed: an unrealistic faith in the power of prosperity rather than in the ultimate power and benevolence of God.
  • The American dream became America's god; wealth and abundance have become the measure of America's success.  But--as recent events have shown--we have been living an illusion.
  • The Bible... is the only Book that offers man a redemption and points the way out of his dilemmas.  It is our one sure guide in an unsure world.
  • Be attractive and winsome, but do not compromise your convictions for the sake of popularity.
  • No matter how much you exercise, no matter how many vitamins or health foods you eat, no matter how low your cholesterol, you will still die--someday.  If you knew the moment and manner of your death in advance, would you order your life differently?
  • God has a plan and the devil has a plan, and you will have to decide which plan are you going to fit into?
  • Don't be bound by the past and your failures.  But don't forget it's lessons either.

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